Psychedelic Innovation

A global ecosystem that accelerates psychedelic innovation by investing in research & education.

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Biosynthesis of
Psychedelic Compounds


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E-commerce & CPGs


Data and
Business Intelligence


Tel Aviv
Sunday, March 29 - Monday, March 30

Psychedelic Innovation Summit


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March 29-30, 2020

Research Partners


PsyTech provides substantial tools and solutions together with access to capital to accelerate business growth.


By being at the forefront of the global psychedelic ecosystem, PsyTech gives you access to the most exciting ventures in the market.

Meet the team

Yaron Eshel, MBA, BSc

Co-Founder & VP PsyTech

Expertise in medical innovation with over 20 years experience in regulation, clinical trials, medical devices, & manufacturing operations. Formerly COO at iCAN.

Saul Kaye, MPS, Pharmacist

Co-Founder & Chairman,
iCAN and CannaTech

Experienced ecosystem builder with 5+ years experience building the premier global cannabis ecosystem. Seller and formulator of medicinal mushrooms for energy, endurance and cognition.

Dr. Robin Ely

Co-Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Ely has practiced integrative medicine for 30+ years and is an investor, educator, and board member of cannabis companies including iCAN.

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