From Entertainment Journalist to Grassroots Psychedelic Advocate

Anne Philippi, The New Health Club

Anne Philippi’s career as a European journalist covering entertainment and fashion was proceeding splendidly… until her life was profoundly impacted by psychedelics. Anne knew she had to pivot, and today she runs The New Health Club podcast, sharing stories, research, and high level interviews with her audience.

PsyTech: How did you get into the psychedelics industry?

Anne: I read Michael Pollan and needed to replace talk therapy at the same time. Then I went to Synthesis, had a psilocybin experience, and found a new person within me. I founded The New Health Club a month later.

PsyTech: What’s the biggest misconception about psychedelics?  

Anne: That it is connected only to “hippie” ideas. 

PsyTech: What’s one thing you want the general public to know about psychedelics?

Anne: That it’s a tool that we need. 

PsyTech: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone interested in getting into the psychedelics field?

Anne: Talk to scientists and patients. 

PsyTech: What’s the question you get asked the most when someone finds out you’re involved in psychedelics?

Anne: Are you a hippie? Are you out of your mind? Are you sure? Are you micro-dosing right now? Are you playing “Breaking Bad”? 

PsyTech: What’s some typical pushback you experience as an active member of this industry, and how do you respond?

Anne: After six month of doing a weekly newsletter reporting on psychedelics, our newsletter provider kicked us out because we “violated” the terms. We had to change overnight. Today, we’re very happy with Substack!

PsyTech: What are the current biggest hurdles in the space, and how have those hurdles evolved over the past few years?

Anne: I feel that the process of diversification has started and that’s a good thing. But it can also include some conflict. 

PsyTech: What impact will this year’s election have on the industry?

Anne: I think the need for these psychedelic treatments is skyrocketing, either way.  

PsyTech: Where do you see decrim/recreational regulation evolving in the next 12 months, and is that the most effective means of changing public perception of psychedelics?

Anne: We’ve had some great decrim people on the podcast, like Melissa Lavasani from Decrim Washington and Daniel Carcillo from Decrim Chicago. It seems very important to include scientific research in the equation each time people need to be introduced to psychedelics. I think there will be many European cities that will engage in the decrim movement. In Berlin, for example, this will happen soon. 

PsyTech: What was the initial reaction when your friends and family heard you were involved in the psychedelic industry?

Anne: Some friends made jokes about “being high” all the time, but quickly saw this amazing industry for what it is. And what a game changer! My family thinks this is great. I bought my mum the German version of How to Change Your Mind and she loves it. 

Many thanks to Anne for her time and story, and a big thank you to The New Health Club for their generous sponsorship of our upcoming Summit. To register for the October 27th event, please click the button below.